Sikhs in the UK and around the world were outraged after the founding member of the ‘City Sikhs’ group Jasvir Singh called Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji a “rebel” and disrespectfully referred to Guru Sahib as the “last living Guru” on a BBC Radio show called ‘Thought of the Day’. The comment made by Jasvir were upsetting to many as the eternal living Guru of the Sikhs is Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Sources reveal he further ill-advised the labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s official statement where the same was reiterated. Jasvir’s comments were challenged by social media which resulted in Jasvir issuing an apology. The comments made by Jasvir were taken very seriously particularly because the ‘City Sikhs’ group self proclaims itself as representing the Sikhs in Britain.

An excerpt of Jasvir Singh’s comment on BBC’s Thought of the day program where he referred to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib as a rebel:

“Imagine this. You’re leading a rebel alliance. The regime’s ruler has personally guaranteed you a safe passage, and you flee in the dead of night with your supporters, carrying whatever you can. However, the truce is broken by the regime and you soon find yourselves under attack. Your teenage sons are killed in a battle trying to escape. You get separated from your mother and younger sons who are captured by the forces. She dies in custody whilst your children are executed for not joining the other side. After days of walking barefoot in the wilderness, you finally get to safety and start regrouping the survivors to make your next move.

You may think I’m describing a recent conflict or perhaps even the latest action film. I’m actually talking about Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth and last of the living Sikh gurus born exactly 350 years ago and whose birthday is being celebrated today by Sikhs around the world.”

Jasvir Singh advised the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on his Gurpurab statement also refers to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib as the ‘last living Guru’

The labour party head posted the message on his Twitter and was called out over the misinformation.

Many Sikh National groups are also unhappy over the recent statements primarily because the statements were aired on National Radio network and the Labour Party head posted on his social media accounts.

In recent years, Jasvir Singh has been in the media limelight and orchestrated himself as a representative of the UK Sikhs at the highest levels in the Government and among policy makers without being popular in the wider UK Sikh community.

Sikhs on social media called out Jasvir and asked him to think twice before posting and isntead gain knowledge about the Sikh faith before giving major statements.

Sikhs responded to the statement of Jermey Corbyn written by Jasvir Singh and advised to reconsider his Sikh advisors.


Jasvir Singh issued an apology after the outrage on social media:

Jasvir Singh's apology
Jasvir Singh’s apology

City Sikhs has attracted controversy in the past where one of the trustees named Param Singh made anti-Sikh comment on the City Sikhs Facebook page.

Screenshots of the conversations and many disrespectful comments made by Param Singh senior and founding member of City Sikhs Network. All these comments were made in around Aug 2015 on the open City Sikhs facebook page.

Param Singh in his comments called Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji an idol book workship, disrespected the 5K’s and the Ardas and Bhog of Parshaad.


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