On August 16th, 2017 the local government of the area in Sikkim issued orders to turn the Gurdwara Dongmar into another religion’s place of worship. The low population of Sikhs in the area and not many sevadars has caused the Gurdwara to be confiscated by the local people. The Gurdwara’s belongings were put outside including a picture of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The depressing news comes after another Gurdwara in Uttamnagar, Uttarkhand got orders for demolition by the government. The local Gurdwara committee stated they weren’t informed that the belonging of the Gurdwara would be thrown outside.

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The local government consists primarily of lamas who are of the Buddhists religion.

The Gurdwara has been at the current place for decades and marks the historic site of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s visit to the area.

At location of the Gurdwara Guru Sahib listened to the concerns of the locals who wished their was water in the area or a spring. Guru Sahib slammed his dong at an area there where water came out. The spring still exists to this day and has formed a lake.

A look at Gurdwara Dongmar:

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