Sikhs Becomes Fastest Growing Minority in New Zealand

Sikhs are the quickest developing religious minority in New Zealand, their number having multiplied in the previous five years, according to New Zealand’s 34th Census of Population and Dwellings report. The Sikh populace in the nation was 19,191 of every 2013. It expand to 40,908 of every 2018.

The Sikhs as well as different religions, including Hindus and Muslims, have likewise seen an ascent in their numbers in the nation that has an all out populace of 48 lakh. The Hindu populace went up from 0.89 to 1.23 lakh and the Muslim from 46,149 to 61,455 in the five years.

Specialists state the previous decade saw enormous scale relocation from Punjab to New Zealand. Dr Rajesh Aggarwal, Associate Professor, Population Research, CRRID, Chandigarh, says on account of the confinements forced by European and Northern American nations, numerous adolescents picked to think about in New Zealand.

Indians have risen as the fourth biggest network with a 2.44 lakh populace. New Zealand European (30.25 lakh), Maori (7.77 lakh) and Chinese dialects top the diagram. The statistics covers the whole populace. Authority including in the nation returns to 1842. NZ’s first official national populace evaluation was completed in 1851.

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