Sikhs Make History in Canada With First Ever Military Cadet Company

Vaisakhi was celebrated in the Province of British Columbia of Canada with the historic charter signing of Canada’s first ever cadet corps of the army formed by the Sikh community in Surrey.


Vaisakhi is one of the most important days as it’s the celebration of the creation of the Khalsa Panth which was established to fight against injustice. Since Vaisakhi 1699, the martial tradition of the Sikhs has been glorious and preserved in present times.

The signing of the charter was for the 3300 BCR (Bhai Kanhaiya) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps. The event occurred in Surrey on Friday and the following officials attended Defence Minister Jason Kenney, National Revenue Minister Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Minister of State for Multiculturalism Tim Uppal, B.C. Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services Amrik Virk, a host of MPs, MLAs, municipal politicians and about 400 guests and military personnel.

The fastest growing cadet unit is the one the Sikh community created and it’s been recognized and hailed by Rear Admiral Bill Trulove, Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific

Kenney said, “the Bhai Kanhaiya cadets continue the long tradition of service by the Sikh community to the military and prepare young Canadians to become tomorrow’s leaders.”

Recently, the British Govt announced the establishment of the first Sikh regiment and now interest has been sparked in Canada.

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