Sikhs in UK Step Up Pressure to Prevent Screening of ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’

(DSU News Bureau) Sikhs in the UK have protested against the screening of the film ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’ in the cities of Birmingham and Slough. The movie was removed from showing from the Star City Birmingham Cinemas and protests are ongoing in Slough.

The Sikh Federation UK has issued the following statement regarding a total ban:

“Update on Nanak Shah Fakir film showing at Empire, Slough – this has wider implications for Sikhs hoping to stop the film from being shown in their towns
The Sikh Federation (UK) Slough Branch has taken legal advice and been told:
‘Films can be banned by a local authority. The ultimate power lies with the local authority who grant licences to cinemas in their area. In particular circumstances, the local authority can place their own restrictions on a film, including a ban.’

Today the Slough Labour Council Leader was invited to Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara Slough and we discussed our objections to the film and what actions the local authority could take against the Empire, including whether they could impose a ban.

We are planning a large protest this evening between 7-9pm. This can be avoided if the cinema is prepared to withdraw the film with immediate effect. We will be writing to the Council Leader this evening if Empire refuse to respond to our concerns.”

After protests in Birmingham, a Cinema worker removes poster of the film:

Worker removes poster from a Birmingham Cinema
Worker removes poster from a Birmingham Cinema

Another Group from West Bromwich, UK issued the following statement:

“Massive Protest TODAY!!! At 4pm by all west midlands Gurdwaras to Ban Movie Nanak Shah Fakir at West Bromwich cinema near Mr Singh west Bromwich
Come down and give us your support”

Reportedly, the film was only screening in the UK and not the rest of Europe where the film has been rejected. The response of the global Sikh community is a rejection of the film.

Currently, the film is only showing in the U.S.A and prevented from screening in Canada and Europe. The film isn’t screening in the Australian Cities of Sidney and Melbourne due to strong support from Gurdwara committees and Sikh groups but response from other cities is still being awaited.

Verdict: The Sikh diaspora has widely rejected the film and is not expected to stay on screens further in the US markets.

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