Sikhs from Plymouth UK have teamed up with the Midland Langar Seva Society to feed the homeless people of the city of Exeter. Several Sikh groups have embarked on a mission to eradicate starvation of the homeless in the UK by daily feeding thousands of people living on the streets.

Image: ExeterExpress
Image: ExeterExpress

Many major British media networks have taken note and brought about the awareness of the kind acts by Sikhs. The Sikh faith teaches to share with others.

The langar is free kitchen food system driven by compassion for other human beings and it represents equality and the right for every living being having the right to nutritious food.

Sikhs from the Midland Langar Seva Society feed the homeless across the UK and even risking their lives to serve Syrian refugees.

Chaz Singh who assisted in the volunteering told a The Exeter Express said:

“As members of the Sikh community we’ll be offering a vegetarian meal to those in the Exeter community that need it most, regardless of religion, gender or social class. One of the 3 pillars of Sikhism is helping those in need and we can all say on behalf of the Sikh community that we are thrilled to be helping out this way to coincide with Guru Nanak’s birth in Exeter”

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