Sikhs in Mumbai Serve Langar To 2,000 Police Officers in 1 Day

On the tenth day of Ganpati visarjan last Wednesday, more than 2,000 city police officers, including the traffic police and state reserve police force, enjoyed special ‘langar’ meals as they went about their work.

The Guru Singh Sabha prepares langar for about 400 people every day.The police officers have the central community body of Sikhs in the city, the Guru Singh Sabha, to thank for it.

The Sabha has received a letter of appreciation from the Matunga police station, where it had sent 250 food parcels, for this service. “We have been serving food to the police force on immersion days for the last two years, but this is the first time we received a letter of appreciation,” said Manmohan Singh secretary of the Sikh body.

Around 30 members of the sabha prepared 800 packets of food on the seventh day of the festival, and 2,200 parcels on the tenth day, serving a wholesome meal of sheera, puri, channa and pulav. to the police officers. The sabha prepares langar for about 400 people at the Dadar gurud wara every day.

“One of the philosophies of our religion is that every Sikh is a policeman (sant sipahi) of society, which is why we try to assist the police in one way or the other,” Singh said.

Senior police i nspector Raghvendra Thakur, from the Matunga police station, said “We appreciate the organisa tion’s efforts for our officers, and I sent a letter last week convey ing our gratitude.”

The Sabha has offered similar services to the police on other occasions, such as during Bal Thackeray’s funeral at Shivaji Park last year.

Source: HT

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