A Gurdwara Sahib in Buena Park, California was vandalized with hate speech. The Gurdwara was targeted by a gang who mistook the Sikh place of worship for another religion.

Many Sikhs stayed home after the vandalism as they say there are fears of violence.

In the cover of darkness between Saturday night and Sunday morning, a Sikh gurdwara (house of worship) in Orange County, CA, along with a community member’s truck in the parking lot, were vandalized with hateful graffiti. The graffiti included the phrase, “Fuck ISIS,” along with gang references.

While some of the graffiti is illegible, the graffiti on the truck clearly indicated bias, including the words “Islahm” (sic) and “Fuck ISIS.” The Gurdwara Singh Sabha’s board members and community members reported the crime to the Buena Park Police Department on Sunday, December 6th and are actively cooperating with law enforcement.

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