Sikhs Hold MASSIVE Protest in NYC In Support Bhai Gurbaksh (Video)

Sikhs around the Tri-State area in the United States hold massive protest outside the Indian Embassy in New York City. Sikhs came out in big numbers perhaps the biggest protest outside India. Various Gurdwara organized buses and some Sikh Sangat traveled well over 2 hours to arrive in NYC. The independent Sikh media was present during the protest however a major International TV channel which has offices in NYC was not present.

Sikhs finally seemed to have woken up and supporting the morcha of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji Khalsa.

Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa, he asks us, “where is our conscience? These singhs have been imprisoned for 26 years. We earn money for our families, we feed our kids, tomorrow if we die, our families will still survive. No one will go with you, I myself earned for 40 years for my family, but as Guruji teaches us, the only thing that goes with us is the Truth that we earn on earth.”

“I look around and I see a sleeping community, people said that, :when he gets to 40 days then we’ll go see him” but where are they. All of them seem to have given up. Why are we not working together to free our Singhs? Everyone should be sharing and getting involved.”

Sikh Protest in NYC by dailysikhupdates

Sikhs Hold Protest in NYC by dailysikhupdates

Sikh Protest in NYC In Support of Bhai Gurbaksh by dailysikhupdates

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