Sikhs Hold Massive Kirtan Darbar in Singapore (Video)

Sikhs organize a massive Kirtan Darbar in Singapore and invited people from other faiths.

A Kirtan Darbar held at the Singapore Expo Hall starting December 25 and until December 28 has reportedly attracted more non-Sikhs then Sikhs. The blissful kirtan was stated as an uplifting experience and awareness of the values of the Sikh religion of selfless service and connecting to the one was spread. Thousands packed the indoor arena where langar was also served.

kirtan darbar

The non-Sikhs were amazed by the selfless service shown by the Sikhs of langar, serving water, shoe counter and taking care of the entire sangat. The event called “Naam Ras” was organized by the Sikh sangat and they reached out to people from other communities to participate. The event included a tour guided exhibition of Sikh history and heritage and taught the guests about Sikh values and traditions. The event helped in others understand the Sikh faith and strengthened the community’s bonding with other faiths.

Mega Kirtan Darbar Singapore by dailysikhupdates

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