Sikhs From Kanpur Hand Write 6 Foot Long Saroop of Guru Sahib

(DSU News Bureau) Sikhs from Kanpur have given Sri Harmandir Sahib a handwritten saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj which is 6 foot long and weighs 90kg. The paper used in the saroop is a special paper from German which reportedly can last up to 400 years. The Saroop of Guru Sahib will stay at Sri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar.


The person whose done the seva of handwriting the saroop is Harvinder Pal Singh who took 3 years to complete. The pen used in the seva was a special pen from the United States. Reportedly, the pen leaves an impression of a print and thus can last longer.

In the past, Harvinder hand wrote to other saroops of Maharaj, one at Paona Sahib Gurdwara and the other at a Gurdwara in Punjab.

The writer stated that 3 people are need to turn 1 ang of Guru Sahib as it’s very long and each ang is very happy.

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