Sikhs in Freezing Cold Weather Feed Thousands of Homeless in UK

Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK, Bhai Harinder Singh, had the opportunity to experience, serving Langar on the streets of Birmingham, We would like to say thank you to Midland Langar Seva Society, for letting us have this opportunity to help them do seva, any one is able to join them every evening. For more Information you can follow them on Facebook and see the seva they do.

Midlands Langar Seva Society feeds homeless people on the streets of the UK everyday and have been recognized by many media outlets for their tremendous service to humanity. For the past hundreds of years, Sikhs had kept the concept of langar locked within 4 walls of Gurdwaras, but after seva of such groups Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message is now being taken to those who need it the most.

This selfless service by the Midlands Langar Seva Society is now being done in different cities all through England is tremendously contributing in people learning about the Sikh faith.

Major media outlets such as BBC have featured them and with Guru Kirpa one day they will be in every city in England.

UK is leading the way of such seva and perhaps after this the next mission will be for every Khalsa to come out on the street to talk about Sikhi with the average person.

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