A Sikh group called Sewak Jatha Sikh Society in association with Midlands Langar Seva Society have started to serve homeless people inside Christian places of worship.

The volunteers of the Sikh group prepared hot Indian food to be served inside the Methodist Mission Cafe on Lord Street.

The selfless service is part of the principles of the Sikh faith in that all deserve a right to food and “vand ke chakna” meaning share with others.

Sewak Jatha from UK
Sewak Jatha from UK

Various Sikh groups across the UK have launched a selfless service of feeding homeless. The groups Sikh Awareness and Welfare Society, Midlands Langar Seva Society, Guru Nanak’s Kitchen, and Sewak Jatha Society are some of the major groups.

The Sikhs are doing amazing Seva and major British media have covered the incredible act of humanity the Sikhs have shown.

Sikhs have long served food to people despite race, color, creed, or religion as the Sikh religion considers all to be part of the same human race.

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