25th November 2016
The findings from the UK Sikh Survey 2016, the largest and most comprehensive ever Sikh survey in the UK with over 4,500 respondents was released earlier today.

The Sikh Network who developed and managed the survey went to great lengths to get responses from Sikhs across the spectrum in terms of their identity.

There are many important messages emerging from the survey that are of much wider interest. The report groups these messages under four themes:

1. Sikh identity
2. Discrimination, hate crime and grooming
3. Education, employment and contribution to society
4. Political activism and representation

The UK Sikh Survey report is being sent to all Government Departments and MPs following the formal university launch in the West Midlands today by academics involved in analysing the results of the survey. Stakeholders from across government are in the process of being invited to a cross government ‘surgery’ next month, hosted by the Department for Communities and Local Government to tackle key issues emerging from the survey.

The findings are already being used. The Rt. Hon. Maria Miller, the former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and former Minister for Women and Equality who is currently the Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee has used information on discrimination from the UK Sikh Survey to write to Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary and John Manzoni, the Chief Executive of the Civil Service.

Jas Singh of the Sikh Network and one of the authors said:

“We have had a very positive response and interest in the UK Sikh Survey findings from government officials, public bodies and statistical organisations. We have met with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) about the survey and will be following up with a more detailed discussion around the results especially around identity and ethnicity for the Census 2021.”

“We have also been in contact with a number of interested government departments including the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), the Home Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Department for Education (DfE) and a number of police forces. The purpose of these meetings will be to discuss in more detail the specific findings with a positive intent to inform policy and decision making as well as approaches and changes in recording and tackling crimes against Sikhs”.

A link to the report is as follows:

The full text from the main body of the report is reproduced below. The Executive Summary, a final section on the relevance of the UK Sikh Survey to the Sikh Manifesto and the acknowledgements page have not been reproduced
The Sikh Network
Press Office

Note to Editor’s:

The Sikh Network is comprised of thousands of Sikh activists ranging from professionals, academics, civil servants, philanthropists, charity workers and students from across the UK. It is an open network that not only brings together activists, but also joins up campaigners from dozens of Sikh organisations working in the political arena, with the youth, on charitable endeavours and human rights. The Sikh Network is responsible for providing strategic direction and co-ordinating dialogue with the UK Government on behalf of British Sikhs with respect to the Sikh Manifesto 2015-2020. The Sikh Manifesto is an invaluable document to empower the UK Sikh community to engage with UK politicians and political parties and create partnerships with democratic institutions.

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