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Neo-Nazi who attacked Sikh man jailed for Life for attempted Murder, but not for terrorism.

(Please watch the below video in which
The Chair of the Sikh Parliamentary Group CLEARLY called this a terrorist attack)

A neo-Nazi has been jailed for life for attempting to behead a Dr Sarandev Singh Bhambra in a racially-motivated revenge attack for the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

Dr Sarandev Bhambra was targeted by Zack Davies who was heard saying “white power” during the machete attack in Mold, Flintshire, in January.

Davies, 26, of Mold, was convicted of attempted murder at the town’s crown court in June and today he was told he must serve at least 14 years in prison.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said Davies had developed “extreme racist views” and had been plotting to carry out a “murderous attack”.

He said it was a “planned and racially motivated attack”.

During the trial, the court heard Dr Bhambra had been walking down an aisle in the store on 14 January when he felt a “huge blow” to the back of his head from the 30cm (12in) machete.

Witnesses heard Davies say: “Come here, this is for Lee Rigby”….”White Power ”

The attack left Dr Bhambra, a 25-year-old dentist from Leeds, with two deep cuts to his scalp and another to his back, which went down to the muscle.

An injury to his left hand caused major nerve, artery and tendon damage, leaving him in need of surgery for five hours.

Davies told police he was a member of a far-right organisation, but had acted alone at the supermarket

If it was not for the “remarkably brave actions” of soldier Peter Fuller, who came to his defence, Dr Bhambra would have been “killed in front of many shoppers”, Judge Rowlands said.

The trial heard items associated with white supremacy and Nazism were found at Davies’s home, including banners, swastika badges and Combat 18 stickers.

He also said he was “absolutely fascinated” with Islamic State and described the British man known as Jihadi John as his inspiration.

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were jailed for life in February 2014 for hacking Fusilier Rigby to death.

After the trial concluded, Dr Bhambra’s brother, Dr Tarlochan Singh Bhambra, said his family had “no doubt” that, had the “racial disposition” of the case been reversed, it would have been reported as an “act of terror”.

Miri Piri Foundation agree with Dr Sarandev Singh Bhambra and his family, that this was an act of terror and should have been given the same approach by the police, judiciary and Government as any other terrorist attack regardless of the perpetrators faith.

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