A video has gone viral across social media in which a group of Singhs can be seen standing with a young girl and a man sitting on the floor, holding his ears as a sign of asking for forgiveness.

The Singhs record a message to tell us that this girl (less than 18 years in age), originally from Kashmir was brought to Punjab by a man, aged approximately 40 years old, and kept and held against her will.

The man would abuse the girl and not let her leave the home. When the Singhs heard of this happening they arrived at his home and questioned him and after receiving a beating the truth was revealed.

The Singhs have promised to return the girl back to her home or any place she feels safe, with full responsibility.

Sikhs have a long history of rescuing women of other faiths. During the 1700s, Afghan invaders would take back thousands of girls from India back to their country. Sikhs would promise the families to bring back their daughters and have rescued thousands of women.

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