This is Why Sikhs Can’t Get Justice (Video)

Jagraj Singh of Basics of Sikhi explains Khalsa Mat (Khalsa Way of thinking). He says Sikhs make the mistake when they try to seek justice and help from people. He says Sikhs forget the Guru and instead turn to someone else for help.

Jagraj provides examples to how problems should be getting solved instead of thinking like slaves. Sikhs have forgotten that no one will give them justice but they have to find a solution among themselves. Due to lack of leadership, Sikhs have lost their independent thinking and don’t have agreement among them because don’t follow the Guru.

In this Video Jagraj Singh provides examples of why the Sikhs must change their thinking and unite and act like a panth.

One of the examples Jagraj provides is that of the British dividing Punjab and causing hundreds and thousands of deaths.

Q&A session after talk at UCL Sikh Soc – see “Sikhi in English” Playlist. Discussion was based on Khalsa Mat (thinking) – Why don’t Sikhs get Justice? UCL Q&A #8

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