Comedian Anuvab Pal in a comic skit made reference to the bravery of the Punjabis when facing the British. He stated, “Punjabis dealt with the British like the first brave Indian Army should.”

Sikh Empire battles against the British:
First Anglo-Sikh War
Main article: First Anglo-Sikh War
Battle of Mudki
Main article: Battle of Mudki
The battle was fought on 18 December 1845 during night. The British won with heavy casualties on the higher ranks.

Battle of Ferozeshah
Main article: Battle of Ferozeshah
The battle was fought on 21–22 December 1845, in which the British forces under Sir Hugh Gough won a Pyrrhic victory over the Sikh army under Lal Singh.

Battle of Aliwal
Main article: Battle of Aliwal
The battle was fought on 18 January 1846, in which the company troops decisively defeated the Sikh army. It proved as the turning point in the war.

Battle of Sobraon
Main article: Battle of Sobraon
The decisive Sikh defeat by the East India Company at the battle of Sobraon fought on 10 February 1846 ended the war.

Second Anglo-Sikh War
Main article: Second Anglo-Sikh War
Battle of Ramnagar
Main article: Battle of Ramnagar
In the battle of Ramnagar fought on 22 November 1848, Sikhs under Sher Singh Attariwalla defeated the company forces under Sir Hugh Gough

Battle of Chillianwala
Main article: Battle of Chillianwala
In the battle on 13 January 1849, the Sikh army under Sher Singh Attariwalla defeated the British army under Sir Hugh Gough.

Siege of Multan
Main article: Siege of Multan
The prolonged siege of Multan by the British army lasted from 19 April 1848 till 22 January 1849, when the fort was breached and Dewan Mulraj surrendered.

Battle of Gujrat

Main article: Battle of Gujrat
This was the last battle of the war and the Anglo-Sikh battle. Sir Hugh Gough’s army decisively defeated the Sikh army, finally. Sher Singh Attariwalla surrendered and soon afterwards, the Sikh Empire was officially ended. The young emperor Duleep Singh was dethroned and Punjab was annexed as a province of the British Indian Empire.

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