Sikhs Attacked by Land Mafia in Gujarat, Pressured to Surrender Land

Sikhs are living in fear in the Kutch region of Gujarat after an attack on Sikh farmers at Loria Village.

The land mafia at the Kutch desert is trying to scare and take the land over from the Sikh farmers settled there. The local farmers have said that police and government officials are not providing them any security and they feel insecure. 

This is what happened yesterday: 

Government agency officials arrived at the village demarcating the land and then the land mafia with support from ruling party officials beat up Sikhs and attacked them sharp weapons.

“Earlier a month ago some people in the village had stopped the agency officials from demarcating land belonging to the Sikh farmers. The district revenue authorities and the police had again sent the agency officials to accomplish demarcation, which is being carried out in the entire state,” said Amandeep Singh, a Punjabi farmer from Loria.

“We had sought security from the SSP and the district collector in advance, but our request went unheard. We were told to go ahead with the demarcation and that the police would be sent if there is any trouble,” he claimed.

Cases were registered against both parties but Sikhs have been put on tremendous pressure to surrender the land. 

“My father Sukhdev Singh, who is admitted to a hospital in Kotkapura for the past two days, too, has been booked,” he said. “Despite the fact that we were attacked and our vehicles were damaged, the police have registered a case against us,” he alleged, adding that the police had booked the attackers after much persuasion.

 After 440 acres of land were allotted to Sikhs 300 acres have already  been taken over by the government and small chunks of land are being fraudulently registered on names of local people.


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