Sikhs Ask Security Measures From Govt After Knife Attack on Sikh Dentist

A Sikh Channel reporter by the name of Charandeep Singh has stated the channel received hundreds of calls from Sikhs concerned about safety in the UK following the machete attack on a Sikh dentist inside a Supermarket.

Bhambra was left with cuts on his back, left hand, and head in the “life changing” attack. After the incident, the Sikh community are in fear of more incidents.

The Sikh community of the UK are in “deep shock” and want the police to allocate additional resources for the Sikh community.

Charandeep is in hopes of the police eliminating of some those fears by providing security measures for religious establishments.

He further stated the media was quick to cover the “vulnerability of the Jewish Community” but been quiet on the Sikhs.

There has been a march organized to show solidarity with the victim on the streets of the town Mold, UK on Thursday night.

The suspect Zack Davis was charged by the prosecutor for attempt of murder and provisional trial date has been fixed for June 22.

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