Sikhi Parchar Going Strong in Madhya Pradesh, Hundreds Becoming Sikh, and You Can Help

Gurmat Parchaar will be an ongoing project but the location focus will change every year or two.

Currently we are focusing on the village Mathana and neighboring villages in Madhya Pradesh where around 400 new people have came to Sikhi and need help in understanding basics and guidance to continue learning on this path.

Once they are trained in organizing basic duties as a Sikh including reading Gurbani, Seva, Keertan, Langar etc hopefully by next year, we will go to other remote villages in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan etc.

The next village coming up is Dhangar in Madhya Pradesh where with initial prachaar 25 people took Amrit and are interested in helping with Parchaar in their village.

Learn More and Help Raise Donations: Gurmat Parchaar in Mathana and neighboring villages in Madhya Pradesh

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