Sikh Youth UK To Protest All Interfaith Weddings in Gurdwaras

(DSU News Bureau) A Sikh youth group of UK has announced it will peacefully protest all interfaith weddings at UK Gurdwaras.

The group has already stopped 2 interfaith weddings from taking place. The first wedding was between a Muslim man and Sikh girl at Sheparrds Bush Gurdwara Sahib in London and the second was between a Gujrati man and Sikh girl at Baba Ke Gurdwara in the West Midlands.


The youth group met with the Gurdwara committees and peacefully resolved the Anand Karaj from taking place. Interfaith marriages are prohibited in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj as both bride and groom must be committed to Sikhi and believe and practice the teachings of the Guru.

The Sikh Council UK has issued guidelines on the issue. The option of a court marriage or other type of marriage outside a Gurdwara is always available for those who wish to marry interfaith.

One of the 52 Hukams of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji states that a Sikh must marry a Sikh along with various Akal Takht Hukamname.

Sikh Youth from across UK have united to take up the issue with the Gurdwara committees and protest outside until the Anand Karaj gets withdrawn. The goal of the youth is to explain the Sikh tenets to the members of the Gurdwara committee in an effort to prevent the ceremony and sacrilege from taking place.

According to the youth, Gurdwaras in Gravesend, Birmingham, Leicester, Southall and others have weddings booked up for the next 2 months.

The youth group requests the Gurdwaras from allowing interfaith marriages to take place otherwise they say they will be left with no choice but to protest peacefully.

The video explains why interfaith weddings aren’t allowed in the Sikh religion.

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