Sikh Woman Murdered in Afghanistan, 1 Million Afghani Gold Robbed

A tragic news has broken from Afghanistan’s Karte Parwan area of Kabul where a Sikh woman was murdered on February 26, 2020 and gold worth 1 million Aghani and 4,000 dollars were robbed from her.

The woman had arrived in Kabul during the cease fire between the United States and the Taliban. The woman was resisting the robbers but they murdered her.

The following message from Social media page Afghan Hindus and Sikhs which broke the news was posted:

” Last night in Karte Parwan area of Kabul, a Sikh woman who had arrived to Kabul on 26 February 2020 was killed and a gold worth 1 million Afghani and 4000 dollars were looted from her. The woman tried to resist and was murdered by the looters. She was alone in the house. She had arrived in Kabul to her family home as Taliban and United States are on a ceasefire. People need to be discreet and should not jump to conclusion regarding security situation in the country. Wahe Guru Ji Apne Charna vich niwas bakshan.”

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