Sikh Teacher’s Brilliant Response to Student in Brooklyn, NY

Via: Portrait of Sikhs

“I teach Physics at a high school in Brooklyn, NY. One day my student said to me “Mr. Singh, you’re not like the other teachers.” I asked him why not. He replied “You act like you care about us.” I was shocked and said, “I do care.” He then asks, “Why do you care so much?” I responded, “If I don’t care, then who will?”


Seva (selfless service) is one of the main aspects of Sikhi. However in order to do seva, a person needs to care.

We need to care about other people. True caring comes out of love and that love should exist when we see Waheguru in everyone.

We are all one because we all come from the same mother, Earth. Let’s start caring not just for ourselves, not just for our families, not just for our friends, but for everyone.” Harjit Singh

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