I’m running as you can see dressed as an Indian Sikh soldier from World War One. Why? Because I’m raising funds and awareness for a great charity (www.ukpha.org) which is telling the story of Sikhs in the Great War (www.empirefaithwar.com).

They need help so they can collect and share family stories of Sikhs in the UK of their ancestors who fought for Britain; and to create education packs, a free publication and even a documentary about this incredible but relatively unknown part of British history.

Why Brighton? Well, it was where injured Indian soldiers were looked after at the Pavilion and other sites – soldiers like Manta Singh who died of his wounds here after having saved the life of his British officer.

He was cremated on a hill above the city. His service and that of the other 1.5 million Indian troops need to be acknowledged and UKPHA are doing all they can to tell the Sikh story – and so that’s why I’m running: in memory of men like Manta Singh. I hope you will support me: With your help they will be remembered. Thank you.

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