Sikh Society Near Jallandhar Sells Onions at Deep Discounts to Help Public

JALANDHAR: To help people grappling with surging onion prices,Sukhmani Sahib Sewa Society, a religious body, of Dakoha village in Jalandhar district on Friday sold the commodity on subsidized rates. The group sold 24 quintals of onions in two days for Rs 40 per kg while in retail markets it is fetching Rs 60-70 per kg.


Following its Good Samaritan act, the society is under pressure from the people to continue with the project. Sukhmani Society of Dakohahad conceived the project of buying onions in wholesale and selling these in packets of 2.5kg each at a cost of Rs 100.

“We had announced that the distribution of onions will start at 9 am, but people reached before time and all onions weighing 1,000kg in total were sold in an hour,” said society president¬†Jasbir Singh Dakoha.

“We had planned it for one day. But on the insistence of the people, we purchased more bags for distribution on Monday at the same price. We sold a total of 2,400 kg onion in two days,” Dakoha said.

Not only the poor, but people from upper middle class also took benefit from the ‘no profit no loss’ sale of onions.

“Taking advantage of the hype regarding the price rise, retailers are making huge profits by hoarding,” said area councilor Mandeep Jassal.

“We have received several requests to arrange for onions again in. We are now thinking of more such endeavors. However, manpower is a major constraint. We are not worried about the finances as we recover the costs instantly,” Dakoha said.

“Other religious groups and NGOs can also make similar arrangements. This would help in teaching profit-making wholesalers and retailers a lesson,” he said.

Originally Published By: I P Singh of TOI

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