Sikh Sangat Stop Distribution of Film “MSG” Promotion Items

Sikh sangat stopped a group of women promoting the controversial film “MSG” on the streets of an unknown village. The women were distributing Cds, T-shirts, and pamphlets of the movie which is set to release this Sunday in India.

The sangat confiscated the promotional items of the film from the women. When asked where they came from they wouldn’t respond and quickly got into their car and left the scene.

The censor board had originally banned the film but due to govt involvement the film was approved for release. Sikh groups have been protesting against the film ever since but despite the efforts the release is set for this coming Sunday.

However, Punjab cinemas have issued a statement saying they will not show the film for the peace and harmony of the region.

Sangat protests MSG Film by dailysikhupdates

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