Sikh Sangat of the Ross Gurdwara in Vancouver has boycotted the Gurdwara committee. Members of the sangat have stated the programs and members of the committee aren’t good

A court petition was to be heard in December 2014 but delayed to February 2015.

The petition filed by Sikh Sangat Seva Society was to be heard in December 2014 but delayed to February 2015. The society challenged, “unfair membership process, enrolment irregularities, faulty memberships, forgery, dumping of memberships, appointment of a 3rd party monitor just two months before the deadline after membership flooding, multiple memberships and nullification of the new ‘self appointed’ executive that was to take power on January 2015”.

However, an executive of the Gurdwara sought adjournment of the petition and due to counsel unavailability caused the court date to now change to April.

The response of the sangat is as follows:

“We feel this is just another delay tactic to keep control for as long as they can and to make the case costly for us. We are spending from our pockets but they have the unlimited resources of the golak at their disposal for which there is no accountability. The people have a right to know how much has been spent on this un-necessary litigation and so far we are not being provided any financials. If the rules from the last election had been implemented this court case would not have happened. Instead, they found new loopholes or new ways to cheat and now we are in a deeper mess. We want them to pay for their legal bills and not use the Gurdwara donations. People do not give donations for court cases caused by wrongdoings. If all the rules from the last election had been followed we would not be here starting all over again”.

The sangat of the Gurdwara have stated they aren’t having with the “irregularities with membership forms and tax receipt books.”

“Donation books were used for membership registration which is to be kept separate from the donations. In addition, same receipt number has been used to register multiple members,” said one sangat member.

“We are looking into negligence, misappropriation of funds, bank account accountability and the use of the society for personal gains. Federal law holding directors liable is being explored and we intend to bring out all the facts. We will get to the bottom of it. Eventually the truth will come out. We will fight this to the end” stated the Sikh sangat.

The sangat also criticized the committee by stating, “Its funny how during the week Langar is not properly served and the fridges are locked but they have funds for the best lawyers”.

Sangat of Vancouver Boycott Gurdwara by dailysikhupdates

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