In a secret operation by the Pakistani Security forces against terrorists in the Chagai area a Sikh trader was rescued who’d been kidnapped.

The shootout caused several terrorists were killed and a Sikh by the name of Mahesh Singh was rescued. However, 2 of the security force officers died in the operation.

The operation was conducted near the Afghan border in the tribal areas in village Amree.


A group of the tribals joined with the security forces to surround the complex the terrorists were hiding inside. During the operation, the forces managed to arrest 3 people

The Hindu residents in the area had tipped the forces that a Sikh man had been brought to the complex and soon after the forces responded with an operation.

Mahesh Singh was kidnapped about a month and a half ago and now has reached safely to his family.

The Sikh and Hindu communities both were saddened that 2 officers had lost their lives in the mission but expressed thanks for the operation.

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