The city of Mosul, Iraq was freed from ISIS control in December of 2017 which enabled authorities to start identifying people killed by the terrorists. The massive task was difficult because workers from different parts of the world were in Iraq prior to the ISIS invasion.

39 Punjabis were identified in a mass grave the city of Mosul after the Sikh religious signs were found on the bodies. Despite reports of 39 missing Indians in Iraq, the bodies were never found until only last month.

The Minister of State for External Affairs General VK Singh visited the country to find the 39 Indian men. After getting hold of the company for which the men worked, he was able to locate a mass grave in Badush, a village northwest of Mosul.

The Indian Ambassador to Iraq arrived along with Gen VK Singh and the area was excavated to find human remains.

Gen VK Singh was quoted by the Statesman newspaper after a discovery identified the dead of bodies of Sikh men.

“We found long hair and karas (a steel or iron bracelet) there. From it, we could make out that those buried there could be Indians,” Gen Singh said. Twenty-seven of the 39 missing Indian were from Punjab and many of them were Sikhs. Articles of Sikh faith came handy to establish that they were Indians.

Forensic experts have concluded that not all men died of bullet injuries because some of their bones are broken and so they may have been slaughtered to death.

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