People defy chilling cold and fog to witness Republic Day parade at Rajpath. India displays its military might in the presence of French President Francois Hollande without the most respected and awarded Sikh regiment. The float from the state of Punjab was also missing from the parade.

● For Country independence 88% of martyrs are Sikhs.

● After independence although the Total Sikh population is only 1.87% but contribution of Sikhs soldiers in indian army is more than 25%.

● In every war against india when ever situations comes in front of indian army to conquer the enemies army,
SIKH REGIMENT is always the first & only choice & heads of to sikh regiment soldiers that they never disappointed & always won the battle.

● At any bad time due to natural disaster, especially Sikh people & Sikh Regiment did there best to help & serve the affected people in every aspect.

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