Sikh Professor Says He Would Invite His Attackers to Gurudwara to Make Them Better Understand His Faith

A Sikh professor, who was brutally attacked and injured by a mob of up to 30 people who called him “Osama” and “terrorist” here, has said he would invite the attackers to visit the Gurudwara and interact with members of the community to better understand his faith.

Prabhjot Singh, assistant professor at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, said it is “absolutely critical” to work with students and community organisations to spread awareness about other faiths and religions.

Professor Prabhjot Singh Columbia University
Professor Prabhjot Singh Columbia University

“If I could speak to my attackers, I would ask them if they had any questions, if they knew what they were doing. May be invite them to the Gurudwara where we worship, get to know who we are… Make sure they have an opportunity to move past this as well,” a sombre looking Singh, wearing a blue turban, said in a press conference here on Monday.

Singh was brutally attacked by about 20-30 young men who repeatedly punched him and “pulled his beard” as he was walking in the city’s Harlem neighbourhood on Saturday night.

He was rushed to a local hospital, where he also works as a physician, and admitted with severe bruising, swelling, small puncture in his elbow and fracture in his lower jaw.

The New York Police Department has released a surveillance video of the suspects believed to be involved in the attack. The grainy clip shows a group of young 15-20 suspects riding their bikes shortly before they encountered Singh as he walking with a friend.

Two days after the attack, Singh, who has lived in the city for 10 years, said he will not be deterred from his goal of engaging with communities to educate and uplift people to make them become better human beings.

There is need to understand “who gave these kids the green light to hate.”

“These sort of things are not who we are. This is not an America that I recognise,” he added. He said the attack will not change “how I move around the neighbourhood.”

He would continue going to all parts of the city, “will still go there and still be received with the degree of welcome that I have received.

“It is clear that the associations between beards and turbans and terrorism are devastating for an entire community, so I want to continue working to show that core American values are core Sikh values as well,” said Singh.

“Most importantly, I want it so that my 1-year-old has nothing to fear in this neighborhood.

“It makes me even more committed to our community and redoubling our efforts,” he said.

“I want to live in a community where somebody feels comfortable asking me what is on your head, why do you have that beard, what are you doing here, are you American. We should be able to ask those questions.

“I want to live in a community where young men instead of having to scream out and act out, can engage and learn about it some other way,” Singh said as he lisped a little due to the injury to his mouth.

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