Sikh Pranks British Politician Inside a Train (Video)

A Sikh MP Candidate Amandeep Singh Bhogal for Northern Ireland pranked Ed Miliband, the Labour Party leader. The video went viral on social networks as the interaction was caught on camera showing the opposition leader posing for pictures with the Sikh.

However, he didn’t know until the end of the video that the Sikh is actually candidate for Upper Bann region of Ireland.

Miliband asked Bhogal “Are you going to make sure the Sikh vote turns out for us?”

He replies: “Well I’m going to make sure the Sikh vote turns out” before saying, “I would not worry about the polls at all” and he pulls out a mask of the Scottish National Party leader.

Miliband can be seen rolling his eyes and a bit frustrated as he didn’t even know who the candidate for the conservatives was for Upper Bann.

It’s surprising because newspaper in Ireland and UK covered the story extensively when the conservatives announced their Sikh candidate.

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