Sikh activists today celebrated a victory as one of the most high profile Sikh political prisoners was given parole after 26 years without freedom.


Gurdeep Singh Khera was implicated in bombings in Delhi and Bidar in 1990, convicted under the now repealed TADA (Terrorist Activities and Disruptions) Act of 1987. TADA was repealed in 1995 after a campaign led by human rights organisation who found the act unlawful, as thousands were jailed under it with very little evidence.

SOPW (Sikh Organisation of Political Prisoners) – a project powered by humanitarian charity Sikh Relief – have been working for Khera’s freedom for seven years. A press release stated:

“The process involved to bring about the release of such a high profile prisoner happened over many months and involved over 300 collectives hours of meetings across various police, personnel and legal departments.

“On 19th April 2016 our team were informed that if Sikh Relief were prepared to act as guarantor for Gurdeep Singh, they could not forsee a problem with his imminent parole. We immediately provided all the necessary assurances and accepted this duty.

“It is truly wonderful to see to fruits of so many years of hard work come to dividends and we now eagerly await to see Gurdeep Singh emerge from Amristar Jail to take his first steps towards becoming a free man.

“Sikh Relief, as always is eternally grateful for the unwavering support of all our doners and well wishers who support our charity, without who Sikh Relief would not be able do the work that it does.”

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SOPW work to ensure political prisoners human rights are met in India, as well as paying for cases to be looked into. For further information see

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