A UK Newspaper called Sikhs who’ve upheld the sanctity of the Anand Karaj as ‘Religious Militants’ and published a bias view.


The Sikh Press Association has published the following release:

Over two weeks ago Sikh Press Association were approached by Daily Telegraph regarding the inter-faith marriage issue.

In the hope of an intellectual broadsheet being able to provide a reasoned article on the issue, we agreed to put the journalist writing the piece in contact with people that could help him ascertain a balanced view.

Unfortunately the journalist in question did not speak to most of those we put him in touch with. Instead he chose to describe protesters using loaded words which are usually attributed to groups involved in more severe incidents, as well as using hearsay to portray them in a negative light and even failing to present specific facts to add balance.

Sikh PA feel this is lazy and inciteful journalism which only hides the real issue from readers, which is a lack of cohesion between a large section of the Sikh community and Sikh institutions.

Sikh PA will continue to work for fair and accurate portrayals of Sikhs/Sikh issues in the media. We ask for your support in doing so.

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