The story DSU published over the weekend has gone viral on social media and major news networks around the world have published the story of a Sikh man being beaten on a crowded street in Birmingham, UK. British media has put a twist in the story by stating it was “racially motivated” when no evidence of such exists.

NOTE: DSU’s original coverage never mentions the attack had anything to do with race.

Wednesday 31st March, London, UK – An article published on the Daily Mail online this morning and later also covered by the Independent has been deemed both inciteful and dangerous by members of the Sikh community.


Footage of a Sikh man being attacked by a group of men outside a Birmingham nightclub went viral this weekend. The savagery of the attack and the fact that no one from a large crowd intervened shocked many. However, the Daily Mail have chosen to run this story under the headline “Sickening footage of Sikh man being beaten up in ‘race hate’ attack”. Using such a headline without any evidence is sensationalism and inaccurate journalism, which could ultimately cause further violence if the unfounded accusation is to be believed.

A spokesperson for the West Midlands police said it was “suggested” the attack was racially motivated, without any conclusive evidence thus far. Social media posts by witnesses who claimed to be present during the attack have actually stated the attack was not racially motivated.

Davinder Singh of the Sikh Federation issued the following statement regarding the press coverage:

“All attacks of this nature need to be condemned, irrespective of the ethnic origin or religion of who is being attacked and the ethnic origin of the attackers. The sad thing is people watched or videoed the attack rather than intervene. The person being attacked appears to be a Sikh, but from the 30 second video footage we do not know what the motive was behind the attack. It is therefore premature to speculate if the attack was ‘religiously or racially motivated. The media need to be careful not to conclude on such matters using a short video clip as this could unnecessarily result in further community tensions”.

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