Statement by Network of Sikh Organisations

Mr Modi meets Sikhs

An own goal by self-styled leaders

It was sad to see the photo of self-serving Sikhs, desperate to seem important, crowding for a photo opportunity with Mr Modi.

Absurdly, some said that they had significantly advanced the Sikh cause by welcoming Mr Modi.

The real winner was Mr Modi who tweeted the photo to his 16 Million followers, to show all moderate Sikhs are with him. A spectacular own goal by UK Sikhs.

It’ll be noteworthy to point out that Lord Inderjit Singh refused to meet Modi when he found out that the meeting would be only 15 mins.

Instead he chose to brief Jeremy Corbyn on Sikhs human rights issues. Corbyn subsequently had a 1 to 1 with Modi in the morning.

Members of the SCUK have alleged the only issues discussed in the 17 minute meeting was the sovereignty of the Akal Takht and black lists to which Modi replied and agreed in principles that he would consider it on case by case basis.

The individuals who attended the meeting have stated the SCUK Secretary Gurmail Singh Kandola never spoke and did not raise any issues as stated in the press release.

Sources have broken the meeting like this:

17 Minute Meeting:

Head of Gurdwara Southall Malhi spoke for 1 minute

Organizer Dr. Rai spoke for 2 minutes

Modi spoke for 11 Minutes

and Bhai Mohinder Singh spoke for 3 minutes

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