Sikh MP from Canada spoke out against the Conservative party’s motion in Parliament which would have labelled all Sikhs as terrorists.

The Liberal Party released a statement:

Recently, Conservative MP Erin O’Toole tabled a motion with one intent: to drive a wedge between Sikhs and Canadians of Indian origin.

Liberals strongly condemn the divisive political tactics so often used by the Conservative Party of Canada.

While the text of the motion as originally written reflects long-standing positions of the government, we condemn the decision by the Conservatives to single out the Sikh community.

Under the previous government, the Harper Conservatives made attempt after attempt to needlessly divide Canadians and make our citizens fearful of one another. Whether it was banning the niqab in citizenship ceremonies, introducing the barbaric cultural practices hotline, or opposing RCMP officers wearing turbans, the Conservative Party has shown they’ll stoop to the politics of fear and division at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, it has become all too clear that – despite a new leader – this is still Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party: the shameful use of divisive politics will continue unabated under Andrew Scheer.

The Liberal Party of Canada however, has proven time and time again that we stand for all Canadians, that diversity is our strength, and that an inclusive Canada is a strong Canada. We have also been clear that we stand behind a united India, and condemn all forms of terrorism and extremism – in any community, in any part of the world.

At the same time, freedom of speech is a cornerstone of Canadian democracy and is enshrined in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It cannot and will not be compromised. The Liberal Party strongly supports speaking against human rights abuses and violations, and peacefully advocating for political causes. Even if we disagree with the opinions expressed, we will always stand in support of peaceful freedom of expression.

This anti-Sikh violence of 1984 was a tragic moment in history and is an issue close to the hearts of many Sikh Canadians. We continue to call for justice for the victims of this tragedy and to work towards healing, unity, and peace.

The Canadian Sikh community and Indo-Canadians have made immeasurable contributions to our national fabric. They should not be disrespected – or have their tragedies exploited – for the political gains of Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party.

Canadians elected the Liberal Party because we believe in a diverse, inclusive, peaceful, and prosperous Canada.

We will continue to work hard, lead by example, and ensure that we do everything we can to bring Canadians together – not divide them.

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