Avtar Singh Hothi is being called a hero after he saved the life of a woman in the cold North Thompson River near Vancouver. Singh heard the cries of a person drowning and he rushed to the riverbank to help her survive.

The current of the river was strong and the woman struggled to stay afloat. Hothi and his friend found ways to help the woman but nothing was successful. In a last ditch effort, he took off his turban, unwrapped it and threw it towards the woman. She grabbed a hold of it and was pulled away from the water and to shore.

Via: Canadian Press

“We weren’t prepared for it or expecting anything like this and his quick thinking,” said the younger Hothi. “We used his turban as a rope because it would have been a lot harder just to pull someone up off shore.”

He also said someone brought a blanket and the frightened woman was calmed down and returned safely to relatives in a nearby home.

Sikh men consider it improper to show their hair in public, but Hothi noted those rules don’t apply if it’s a case of life and death.


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