Sikh Man Viciously Attacked With Knife and Hammer Inside UK Supermarket

A racially motivated attack by a man with a machete and a hammer who yelled “white power’ inside a supermarket against a Sikh shopper.

The 25 year old white male is charged of attempt to murder a 24 year old Sikh man who suffered life threatening injuries but was saved after other shoppers came to his rescue by over powering the attacker.

The police questioned the man and are determining whether he acted alone or was involved with a wider group. The Sikh was probably mistakenly identified by the attacker as a man from the middle east as it appears to be an hate inspired assault.

The eyewitnesses have stated the knife used by the attacker was extremely large and they saw the Sikh man yelling and holding his stomach.

After a shopper named Rich Fay heard screams he saw that the man had a knife in one hand and a hammer in the other.

The suspect was a known person by the police who’ve stated the attack was racially motivated and there are concerns he is involved with a far right radical group.

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