An argument over reserved train seats on the Kochuveli-Dehradun Express turned violent and deadly after six people were beaten with iron rods and stabbed with knives with 1 person belonging to the Sikh religion thrown out of the moving train.

What Happened?

Six men got into an argument with 8 other passengers who occupied reserved seats which didn’t belong to them. The passengers who had the right to the seats told the occupiers to vacate and they refused which led to the confrontation.

All of the men got off the train at the Meerut city station and police arrived to take one of the injured to the hospital.

The Times of India Reported:

“The argument started again when a Sikh man boarded the train from Mumbai railway station and got into a tiff with the eight men over the seats they had occupied wrongly. Soon, the situation turned ugly when these men got off at Meerut city railway station with their luggage, but boarded the train again along with five other men,” said Om Prakash, SP city.

During the fight, the Sikh man was thrown out of the moving train, while five others injured. One of the victims also died at the spot. Though the identity of the Sikh man could not be established by the police because he went to a nearby private hospital in Sadar area and did not come back.

“The people who have suffered injuries include Mukarram, Salman, Farmaan, Nadeem and Taahil; the sixth injured victim is the Sikh man but his identity has not been established so far. The person who died on the spot has been identified as Naasir. All the men except the Sikh belong to Saharanpur and are labourers,” said Om Prakash.
The injured were rescued from the train by Meerut police at 12.30pm and search operations were carried out for the accused who fled from the train by pulling the chain near Kasampur and Faizalpur village. An FIR has been filed in the matter by the government railway police and efforts are being made to nab the accused.

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