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A Sikh business owner has been termed as a hero after he helped in the capture of an Afghan man wanted for the NJ/NY bombings.

Harinder Bains, the owner of a bar in Linden, found Ahmad Khan Rahami sleeping in the doorway of his establishment on Monday.
At first, he thought he was some “drunk guy” resting in the vestibule but then recognised Rahami and called police.
I’m just a regular citizen doing what every citizen should do. Cops are the real heroes, law enforcement are the real heroes.
Harinder Bains

Officers arrived at the scene and were fired at causing a NJ police officer to be shot. Firing between the officer and the suspect followed resulting in the suspect being wounded.

The chase ended when Rahami was shot multiple times. He was taken to a hospital for surgery. He was not initially cooperative with police who tried to interview him, a law enforcement official said.

In a statement, the National Sikh Campaign hailed it a brave and courageous act by Bains.
(With inputs from PTI)

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