Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Committee members has spoken out on the langar tax that has created an uproar. The GST is a tax on raw food which gets applied to langar costs. The Sikhs argue that food used for langar should be exempt from the GST.

GST has affected Golden Temple’s free kitchen langar service as the commodities such as raw food comes under higher tax slab resulting in 10 crores of additional expenditure on yearly expenses.

The kitchen at Sri Darbar Sahib feeds over 100,000 people per day. The tradition has occurred for over 500 years and now due to GST an estimated 10 crore tax would have to be payed due to purchasing raw food.

Sikhs worldwide have appealed the government to ban all Gurdwaras around the globe from paying GST. An estimated 100 LPG cylinders are used daily to cook langar along with other energy sources.

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