Sikh Man Matches Turban With Rolls Royce for a Week After an Englishmen Called it a “Bandage”

After an Englishman called the Sikh billionaire Reuben Singh, he went out and matched his turban with his Rolls Royce cars for a whole week. The impressive photos went viral on social media gaining tremendous awareness about the Sikh turban.

Here is the tweet:

Reuben became offended at the comments of the Englishman and told him he would match his turban with his Rolls Royce cars.

And, he sure did match them !

People from other communities came in to support him:

Manjinder Sirsa responded:

Reuben is the CEO of AlldayPA, and founder of a clothing brand called Miss Attitude that was popular in the UK, back in 90s.

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