In one of the best examples of interfaith harmony, a Sikh Granthi guards and takes care of a Mughal era mosque in the village of Mahadian new Sirhind, Punjab. The Mosque which has severely deteriorated still stands thanks to a Sikh man named Jeet Singh .

Jeet Singh is the granthi of the neighboring Gurdwara Sahib Mastgarh Sahib Chittian in the village and the care taker of the ‘Chittian Masjidian.’ For over 100 years, the Gurdwara Sahib was actually inside the mosque but finally it’s been shifted on it’s own land next to the masjid.

Jeet Singh

The history of the place goes back to the martyrdom of the Chote Sahibzaade. At Qazi of the mosque hard ordered a fatwa for the death of the younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji and the actual spot of martyrdom was less than a kilometer.

The Granthi finds it his duty to take care of the mosque despite a very small turn out daily of worshippers. The local Muslims are happy that their mosque is being taken care and a part of the Mughal history preserved. According to researchers, the mosque dates back to around 1628 during the time of Shah Jahan

Jeet Singh told the media that he’s keeping the mosque standing by cleaning twice daily and repairing what he can because in Sikhism you respect all communities despite the history of the past between Sikhs and Mughals.

Guru ki Maseet or Guru’s Mosque is a mosque that was constructed at the request of the sixth Sikh Guru Guru Hargobind ji. It is situated in Sri Hargobindpur town on the banks of River Beas.

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