A Sikh Taxi Cab driver of Darwin, Australia received the “Australian of the Day” by group who travels across Australia to find people making an impact in society.

The Sikh goes out to poor areas to serve free food to the underprivileged members of the local community. The video was posted by an Australian news agency and went viral in matter of hours.

Messages of poured out with people showing their respect to the Sikh man.

Kuljeet Singh Very good job mr. Singh. God bless you. We proud of you.

Craig Agnew Legend mate. Nominate him for Aussie of the year.

Kiani Anderson And to think this guy may have come to Australia with very little himself and can still find it in his heart to give to the communities disadvantaged. What a beautiful story! I hope good karma comes your way and that more people can learn from him and give back to those people struggling in today’s society.

Luke Morris Fully Sikh!

Jason Malthouse Like F#ck Australian of the Day!!! Australian of year Brotherboi. What a great Human being

Abu Mosayeb He fed all muslim during ramadan in Darwin.

Kamal Singh Khattra We are not Sikh , Muslim Hindu ……. It’s doesn’t matter …..First we are Aussie … Aussie… …. I love this country ….

Declan Birch-higgins Now this guy is more Australian than some people born here…..

By you know, show mateship, loyalty & sacrifice, sorta a major part of our national identity

Rebecca Fraser Now that’s what u call a legend u have my vote for Aussie of the year

Joe Dalsanto this bloke is a legend!

Bhupinder Singh Proud to say you are real Mr Singh—-Keep going mate

Anne Foster Worthy to be Australian of the year instead of bloody footballers or millionaires!

Bernard Khouri What a fantastic bloke

Richard Nguyen Top bloke,wanna drive to perth and make me a curry

Brian Edwards Excellent….This is the definition of a ‘Hero’….Someone that puts others before themselves. Well done mate…Taking action is better than kneeling down and talking to some imaginary sky fairy to ask for things to happen. We need more people like you.

Kerry Kent May good karma be waiting just around the corner for him.

Bernie Butler This is why Darwin is known to be one of the greatest multicultural cities in the world. Well done by this great “Aussie bloke”!

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AUSSIE OF THE DAY: Why this Darwin Cabbie's been recognised as "Australian of the day"

Posted by Nine News Darwin on Sunday, August 30, 2015

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