A 42-year-old Sikh man was declared brain dead at AIIMs, Delhi becomes the ninth cadaver donor this year. Institute director Dr M C Misra said the man’s heart, liver and two kidneys have been transplanted in the bodies of four recipients, while his corneas have been preserved in the AIIM’s eye bank.

Sikhism stresses the importance of noble deeds, selfless giving and sacrifice which is always exemplified by the Sikh Gurus.
Saving a human life is one of the greatest things one can do as an act of selflessness. Since life continues after death in the soul, and not the physical body. The last act of giving and helping others through organ donation is both consistent with, and in the spirit of, Sikh teachings.

His heart was transplanted into a 48-year-old male suffering from dialectic cardiomyopathy, while his kidneys went to two different males.

Due to non-availability of a suitable recipient at AIIMS, his liver was offered to Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences and transplanted into a 54-year-old man suffering from acute and chronic liver failure.

“The patient was admitted to Rockland Hospital in Qutab Institutional Area with complaints of severe headache and pain in the right side of the body on June 23. A sudden haemorrhagic attack left him brain dead,” said Rajeev Maikhuri, senior organ transplant coordinator, Organ Retrieval Banking Organization at AIIMS. A patient is termed brain dead when he or she has suffered complete and irreversible loss of all brain functions and are clinically and legally dead.

Maikhuri said that that the patient’s family agreed to donate his organs when neurosurgeons explained about the condition. Names withheld to respect privacy.

A noble initiative by the family members which proved to be a blessing for others.

Organ Donation is truly a gift of life. An inspiring story of loss and hope, pain and joy and acts of selflessness.

This is true spirit of Chardikala, thinking as a well wisher for others even after undergoing a huge loss!

~ Source: ndtv.com

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