A Sikh man named Arron Singh designed a new alarm clock which gives the person the Gurbani thought of the day. The App which is only available on Android version for now has already had a few hundred downloads and the count is steadily increasing. The IOS version is in the works and expected to be released in the near future.

The App maker says:

“There are thousands of lines written in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, all of which can play on the soul strings in a thousand more ways. The purpose of this app is to ensure that the first thing you see in the morning is a unique message from Maharaj, or other Sikh Scripture.
Each day has a message we can listen out for and recognise. It is usually in the subtle undertone of events that unfold throughout the day, and the thoughts that enter our mind. A random line of Gurbani that we can casually read past on a daily basis, can hit our soul like a ton of bricks after many years of reading it, through its message manifesting in our life in some form or thought.

I was fortunate enough to have experienced the above, and decided it would be nice to wake up to a random line from Maharaj when my alarm goes off. This brought me to create this app, AlarmAng.

Scriptures range from Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Sri Dasam Granth, to the writing of Bhai Gurdas Ji and others. You also have the option to view the whole shabad in addition to the line, for full context.”

Learn more: Alarm Ang

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