Sikh Doctor Rajwant Singh broke the news that a Sikh man waiting in line to meet with Sikh MP Tanmanjeet Singh was attacked outside of the UK parliament.

He tweeted:

The man attacked Ravneet with his co-worker Jaspreet Singh were in a line outside the UK Parliament when suddenly a man came and attempted to take off the turban of the Sikh man. He shouted ‘Muslim, go back’ before fleeing the scene.

Ravneet Singh is the South Asia project manager for EcoSikh, a Sikh environmentalist group. Ravneet was attacked on his neck and his turban was shaken excessively but luckily it wasn’t knocked off.

Ravneet Singh told the Indian Express:

Ravneet Singh further said, “At first I thought he must be mentally unwell. But soon the attack turned more aggressive. He held my turban with both hands and kept shaking it. My turban was almost down to my face. Then he also tried to injure my neck. I kept shouting what’s this, stop it. He did not budge. Soon security guards were there and he ran away. But we could hear what he was shouting. What we heard was ‘Muslim go back’…It was not English but some other language. But these three words were clearly there.”

UK police have recorded Ravneet’s statement. “MP has strongly condemned the incident and confirmed that he will follow up to prevent this kind of attacks on Sikhs. The police has informed us that the incident was recorded in the CCTV camera and they will find out the attacker. Our statement has been recorded,” added Ravneet.

Sikh MP Tanmanjeet tweeted on the incident:

The Sikh Council UK expressed outrage:

Ravneet Singh spoke out on the incident:

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