Sikh Organizations the SGPC and DSGMC had raised questions on the new film ‘Singh is Bling’. Earlier in the month, the actor flew to Delhi to meet with DSGMC officials and assured them the controversial scenes will be removed.

However, the SGPC wasn’t satisfied and ignored the talks of the DSGMC with Askhay Kumar and wanted reassurance on their own.

In light of a misunderstanding or disagreement between the two Sikh organizations, Akshay Kumar thought to prevent any premature protests by taking swift action.

Akshay Kumar flew leaders from Delhi and Punjab at his own cost to Mumbai to show them the film. An industry source stated, “Rather than face protests a week before release Akshay wisely decided to take Sikh organizations into confidence now itself. He flew down the members at his own cost and showed them the film.”

The source stated that the Sikh leaders were fully satisfied and didn’t object to anything in the film.

Says Prabhu Dheva, “It’s a fun film not to be taken seriously. Akshay is doing full-on masti in the film.”

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